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Hemostyp™ Hemostatic Gauze is a specially formulated gauze that does not contain any harmful chemicals or animal by-products, and produces hemostasis upon contact with the cut or wound. It may be dissolved by adding water or saline solution on to it allowing for easy removal without pulling the clotted surface away and causing re-bleeding.

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Why Hemostyp?

“It Works!” When blood needs control, hemostyp saves time, money and most importantly…
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What’s Hemostyp?

Pure, unmatched cellulosic gauze that is innovatively packaged, and cut according to profession and…
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How does it work?

It helps stabilize new clots by accelerating the formation of fibrin cross linkages. At the same time it…
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Where Can I Find It?

If you want the exact gauze that was evaluated by clinician’s report then find out who Sinc Ventures, L.L.C. supplies…
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