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Hemostyp™ Hemostatic Gauze is a specially formulated gauze that does not contain any harmful chemicals or animal by-products, and produces hemostasis upon contact with the cut or wound. It may be dissolved by adding water or saline solution on to it allowing for easy removal without pulling the clotted surface away and causing re-bleeding.


What is Hemostyp

It is a topical hemostatic agent that is made from treated and sterilized cellulose and available in fabric meshwork .It is an FDA-approved material indicated for the control of bleeding from open wounds and body cavities (eg, mouth, ears, nose, throat, and vagina). The material does not contain chemical additives, thrombin, or collagen, and is hypoallergenic. In contact with blood, Hemostyp™ almost immediately converts to a collagen like substance. Because of its purity and the fact that it degrades rapidly into biocompatible end products (glucose, water), it does not adversely affect wound healing.


Hemostyp is a soluble hemostatic gauze (when saturated with blood, water or saline.), made from purified cellulose that is chemically converted into a soluble compound. Cellulose molecules can be found in the cellular structure of virtually all plant matter, which makes cellulose one of the abundant organic compounds on earth. Hemostyp is hypoallergenic and contains no chemical additives, thrombin or collagen.
“Hemostyp is definitely a safe choice for a hemostatic agent.” – Clinical Evaluator

Fast Active

With Hemostyp™ Dental Blister Packs you get 20 blister squares, each blister square contains two pieces of gauze that can be cut in half and still be enough gauze for four extraction sites depending on the sizes, in fact evaluators have mentioned “there is plenty gauze dispensed” for a single use. For the Suggested price of $100.00 USD per pack, Hemostyp™ is not only priced below many of our competitors, per use in the dental industry, it has also been known to save dental professionals time and everyone’s time has a perceived value, especially dental professionals. Check with your favorite dental supplier to purchase Hemostyp™ today.

Kid Friendly

When children come to the dentist, time is of the essence and Hemostyp™ users know that. It works fast, to ensure the timeliness of dental appointments that may involve any amount of bleeding. With the nature of how children consume nutrients, the slurping, sipping and drinking through various types a straws and mechanisms expose kid patients to the pain of dry socket. When Hemostyp™ remains in extraction sites, it offers young patients with very much needed limited protection against dry socket. Hemostyp™ also happens to be tasteless which means, one less chemical taste to alarm our young patients with.


1. Trauma or Surgery on patients with profuse bleeding

2. Trauma and/or surgery for patients on certain medications:

a)Aspirin – inhibit platelet aggregation by inhibiting the pathway of cyclooxygenase enzyme.

b) Anti-inflammatories – similar mechanism as aspirin but effect more limited.

c) Anticoagulants – inhibits synthesis of coagulation factors

d) Antibiotics-Altered intestinal flora which can decrease production of vitamins essential too blood clot process.

e) Anticancer drugs – Patient may be on drugs that reduce the number of circulating platelets.

3.Trauma and/or surgery for patients with:

a) Liver damage from alcoholism (may have decreased production of liver-dependent coagulation factors)

b) Non-alcoholic liver disease

c) Primary hepatitis

d) Hypertension (elevated systolic blood pressure, 180-200. Systolic, may cause prolonged bleeding)

4. Trauma and/or surgery for patients with:

a)Hemophilia “A”, “B”, or “C” (coagulation factor deficiencies)

References available upon request*

Doctor Approved

Hemostyp™ has long been used in the medical industry all around the United States. Case Report: A gunshot wound with the bullet going straight through the patients forearm had shattered both the radius and ulna. Major bleeding occurred from both entrance and exit wounds. The EMTs had placed their last 2”X 2” of Hemostyp™ after folding it, inside the entrance wound and the bleeding stopped almost immediately. Normal dressing and bandage was placed on exit wound, which required constant pressure to be applied and needed to be augmented before arriving to the hospital. In contrast to the entrance wound, it needed no addition attention until patient was admitted to the hospital.*

Reference available upon request*